Ecological Land Type

ELT 10a

Elevation Range
921 m
Minimum in ft: 
3021 ft
1141 m
Maximum in ft: 
3742 ft
1015 m
Median in ft: 
3330 ft
Soil Summary: 
shallow to granite or granite like rocks; very gravelly fine sandy loam over gravelly sandy clay loam; no lime; modest development (clay accumulation); dominated by Pima County soil survey map unit 16 (Chimenea very gravelly fine sandy loam, 5 to 15 percent slopes). This unit comprises 94% of the ELT
Geologic Materials: 
alluvium and residuum associated with heterogeneous granodioritic rocks of the north White Tank Mountains (Xgd, Xfg), Pleistocene piedmont alluvium (Qi), Pantano Formation (Tpav, Tpl), and colluvium (Qc) which comprise 90%, 6%, 2%, and 1% of the unit, respectively
moderately to finely dissected, weakly to incised pediment surfaces