ELT 5a

Elevation Range
832 m
Minimum in ft: 
2730 ft
953 m
Maximum in ft: 
3128 ft
888 m
Median in ft: 
2913 ft
Soil Summary: 
very deep; very gravelly clay loam, gravelly sandy loam, and very gravelly and very cobbly sandy loam surface layers over gravelly, very gravelly and extremely gravelly sandy loam, gravelly and very gravelly sandy clay loam subsurface layers; lime depth ranges from the surface to more than a foot below the soil surface; no to modest development (lime and clay accumulation); dominated by Pima County soil survey map units 54 (Palos Verdes-Jaynes complex, 2 to 8 percent slopes), 60 (Pinaleno-Stagecoach complex, 5 to 16 percent slopes), 61 (Pinaleno-Stagecoach-Palos Verdes complex, 10 to 35 percent slopes) and 62 (Pinaleno very cobbly sandy loam, 1 to 8 percent slopes). These units comprise 49, 24, 12, and 11% of the ELT, respectively
Geologic Materials: 
alluvium and residuum associated with Quaternary and Tertiary sandstone, siltstone and conglomerate, undivided (QTs), undivided surficial deposits and basin fill (QTs), and Middle Pleistocene river terrace deposits (Qi1r, Qi2, Qyc), and Pantano Formation (Tp) which comprise 66%, 27%, 4% and 3% of the unit, respectively
coarsely to moderately dissected, weakly to moderately incised fan and pediment surfaces except adjacent to Pantano Wash which are moderately to finely dissected and moderately to deeply incised