About Us

The mosaic of burn severities created by the Bullock and Aspen fires sparked a discussion between scientists at the University of Arizona and Coronado National Forest managers in 2007. The purpose of this discussion was to implement more effective fire management on the Catalina and Rincon Mountains as a whole system. From those initial discussions evolved the current FireScape: Santa Catalina and Rincon Mountains effort and organization. This effort is a collaboration of the Coronado National Forest, Saguaro National Park, University of Arizona, The Nature Conservancy and other partners including the State of Arizona, Pima County and other Catalina-Rincon Mountain stakeholders.

The Catalina – Rincon FireScape project works across jurisdictional boundaries to streamline the compliance process and uses innovative science to treat the land at the whole-mountain scale. Combining monitoring and adaptive management allows us to learn as we go. We are organized around accomplishing fire management goals as efficiently and effectively as possible while allowing for the broadest possible participation.

A small group of collaborators is organizing the process while several other groups focus on individual efforts (e.g., science, management, participation and compliance). These groups, as a whole, are responsible for ensuring that all parts fit together and are consistent.  Participation in the process is open as people’s interest or project needs change.