ELT 199a

Elevation Range
1036 m
Minimum in ft: 
3398 ft
1523 m
Maximum in ft: 
4996 ft
1228 m
Median in ft: 
4029 ft
Soil Summary: 
detailed soil survey data is incomplete for about 55% of this unit: where soil survey data is available in the southern half of the polygon Pima County unit 65 (Powerline-Kimrose family complex, 10 to 35 percent slopes) dominates. These soils are shallow or moderately deep to lime cemented layers, are dominantly very gravelly sandy loams or sandy clay loams with lime throughout, moderate development (lime accumulation)
Geologic Materials: 
alluvium and residuum associated with gravelly alluvial-fan and braidplain facies of Quiburis Formation (Tqc); sandstone, siltstone and conglomerate, undivided (QTs) and early Pleistocene piedmont deposits (Qo) which comprise 48%, 33% and 6% of the ELT, respectively
finely dissected, moderately to deeply incised fan and pediment surfaces