Collaboration is the cornerstone of success for any FireScape project. Each FireScape team solicits participation from the public, various land management agencies, and the scientific community to maintain an open and on-going dialogue in order to educate and solicit information, opinions and values. The purpose of this outreach is to inform and involve these groups in the process and outcomes of landscape-scale fire management. The FireScape framework is designed to accommodate different levels of public interest over time. The process is open and transparent so that interested parties can be kept informed even when they cannot be actively involved.

Several products are used in the outreach process and are available on this website. Products include:

  • FireScape handout

  • Catalina-Rincon Brochure 

  • PowerPoint presentations (available upon request)

  • Vegetation maps (available under each project heading)

  • Fire behavior maps (available under each project heading)

For more information or to get involved in a FireScape project, contact us at