Management refers to the implementation of plans. Specifically, management is the actions and activities undertaken by various landowners within the FireScape assessment area. Management is currently underway on all lands being assessed and should not be stopped while planning is carried out.

One of the goals of FireScape is to provide better information to land and resource managers for use in their current projects. The FireScape process includes cooperating with land managers to meld current management with FireScape objectives to increase effectivness and efficiency.

Federal fire policy requires that Fire Management Plans, programs, and activities support land and resource management plans and their implementation. Federal fire policy also requires that agencies incorporate fire as a critical natural process into their land and resource management plans and activities on a landscape scale and across agency boundaries.

Fires will always be suppressed where they threaten life, property, or sensitive resources. This includes suppressing all desert fires because historically they did not occur there, and native desert plants are damaged by wildfire.