ELT 20a

Elevation Range
953 m
Minimum in ft: 
3125 ft
1442 m
Maximum in ft: 
4730 ft
1132 m
Median in ft: 
3714 ft
Soil Summary: 
dominant soils range from shallow to caliche hardpan to very deep, gravelly and very gravelly fine sandy loam surfaces over very gravelly fine sandy loam and very gravelly loam subsurface layers, limy throughout, moderately developed (lime accumulation); unit is dominated by Cochise County, Northwestern Part soil survey unit 61 (Mule-Sutherland complex, 5 to 45 percent slopes). This unit comprises 99% of the ELT
Geologic Materials: 
alluvium and residuum associated with Late Pliocene alluvium, widespread capping Quiburis basin (Tqf); Escabrosa-Horquilla tectonite (PMct); and Quiburis basin fill deposits, undivided (Tq) which comprise 63%, 21% and 10% of the unit, respectively
finely dissected, moderately to deeply incised fan and pediment surfaces