ELT 165a

Elevation Range
1033 m
Minimum in ft: 
3388 ft
1859 m
Maximum in ft: 
6098 ft
1278 m
Median in ft: 
4193 ft
Soil Summary: 
detailed soil survey information is not available for this unit; this complex and variable metasedimentary unit is presently mapped within the dominantly granitic GES unit 475 and requires further investigation
Geologic Materials: 
slope alluvium, colluvium and residuum associated mostly with Apache Group and Troy Quartzite (Ya); Leatherwood Quartz Diorite (Kqdl); Bolsa Quartzite and Abrigo Formations (Cba); and Paleozoic sediments (P3s). It comprises 41%, 28%, 17% and 6% of the unit, respectively
coarsely to moderately dissected mountain slopes with shallow to moderate drainage incision