ELT 114b

Elevation Range
959 m
Minimum in ft: 
3147 ft
1220 m
Maximum in ft: 
4003 ft
1090 m
Median in ft: 
3576 ft
Soil Summary: 
detailed soil survey information is not available for this unit; based on field observations the soils are deep gravelly and very gravelly sandy loams and sandy clay loams lacking lime throughout, with moderate subsoil clay accumulations especially on stable landform positions
Geologic Materials: 
alluvium and residuum associated with Quaternary and Tertiary sediments (QTs, QTc, QTsc); Pleistocene alluvium (Qi, Qi3); and Early Pleistocene alluvium and piedmont deposits (Qo) which comprise 74%, 13% and 10% of the unit, respectively
moderately to finely dissected, moderately to strongly incised fan and pediment surfaces